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Summer’s Effect on Your Roof


As we all know, summer is when weather temperatures are most high. Did you know, however, that these high temperatures can cause all sorts of damage to your roof? Listed below are some of the most common issues summer weather causes when it comes to your roof. Warping of the Roof When the temperature rises, matter expands. This is why your doors give a bit of resistance when you try to open them during the summer [...]

Summer’s Effect on Your Roof2023-07-26T16:23:21-05:00

Anatomy of a Roof (2023 Update)


We casually look at the roofs of homes on a daily basis, but don’t really pay attention to the details apart from knowing it logically belongs on the top of the house. It is easy to overlook what goes into putting a roof on a new home. Your roof is the crown of your home. Its purpose is to keep the inside of your home free of anything that might want to make its way inside such as water, [...]

Anatomy of a Roof (2023 Update)2023-07-05T16:54:58-05:00

5 Easy Roofing Maintenance Tips (2023 Update)


It’s no surprise that anything involving your roof tends to be more costly than not. As such, you’d want to stretch your roof’s longevity as far as you can before needing to call a roofing contractor for repairs or a full replacement. How does one maximize the longevity of their roof, you ask? Well, by performing routine maintenance, of course! Here are five quick and easy maintenance tips you can start using today to get the most out of [...]

5 Easy Roofing Maintenance Tips (2023 Update)2023-06-15T13:15:37-05:00

Why Are Roofing Inspections Important? (2023 Update)


A roof inspection is a vital part of any roofing repair or maintenance project. A thorough inspection by a certified, trained professional can yield very important information about the health of your roof. This information can be valuable to have when making decisions about the types of repairs to be made on your roof. Insurance companies typically require this information as well, to decide what repairs they want to pay for, and how much money they are willing to [...]

Why Are Roofing Inspections Important? (2023 Update)2023-06-04T21:26:02-05:00

Understanding Insurance Roofing Claims (2023 Update)


What Does the Insurance Claims Process Look Like? Did you know that according to Home Advisor, the average cost of a roof replacement is around $11,500? On the high end, it can go all the way up to $80,000 depending on the size of your home. That is a lot of money to invest in the upkeep of your roof! It is important to have regular check-ups to ensure that your roof is protected against not only storm [...]

Understanding Insurance Roofing Claims (2023 Update)2023-05-24T13:38:39-05:00

Benefits to Financing with a Roofing Contractor (2023 Update)


It’s no secret that home improvement is expensive. The final price of repairs can range anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what is being repaired or replaced. Roof repairs and installations are often in the higher ranges of home improvement costs. As a result, a lot of people tend to neglect their roofs, waiting until what was once a minor problem becomes a major problem. Of course, this leads to even more expensive repair [...]

Benefits to Financing with a Roofing Contractor (2023 Update)2023-05-18T08:22:20-05:00

Top Qualities Homeowners Look for in a Roofing Company (2023 Update)


Whether you are a new homeowner or have been in your home for many years, any sort of sudden roof repairs that you might have not anticipated may be nerve-wracking. Where do you start? What company will provide the best price? Is this company reliable? Can you count on them to guide you through the process and afterwards? With an inundation of options available online, it is important that any homeowner do their research before deciding who to hire. [...]

Top Qualities Homeowners Look for in a Roofing Company (2023 Update)2023-04-20T14:09:33-05:00

Gutter Maintenance (2023 Update)


Why Is It Important To Keep Gutters Clean? To keep it simple, clogged gutters due to buildup of leaves, debris, dirt, and other elements cause leaks inside your home! Not only that, but standing water that stays behind on those clogged drains are breeding homes for pesky flies and mosquitoes! You definitely do not want to deal with that especially with warmer weather when you are trying to enjoy the outdoors. Clogged gutters cause the gutter systems to [...]

Gutter Maintenance (2023 Update)2023-03-29T14:18:07-05:00

Condensation Management – Keeping Your Roof Safe from Water Damage


Many activities you do inside your homes produce moisture. Laundry, exercise, dish washing, and even breathing contribute to the increase of moisture levels of the air in your home. As the moisture in the air evaporates, it rises and can often get trapped in between your attic and the underside of your roof’s underlay (also called underlayment). Condensation happens when the moisture in the warm air inside meets the colder temperature of the roof outside. When the temperature outside [...]

Condensation Management – Keeping Your Roof Safe from Water Damage2023-03-15T11:57:13-05:00

Choosing the Right Roofing Company (2023 Update)


Whether you are considering selling your home, or maybe have some structural roof damage caused by a storm that you need to get fixed, it is extremely important to consider the company that will get the job done for you. While there are hundreds of companies that you can surely find online, how do you choose the right one? Things to Consider: Time Your time is your most important asset. Finding a roofing contractor that will [...]

Choosing the Right Roofing Company (2023 Update)2023-03-09T10:10:51-05:00
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